Getting Festive with Avon Care

It is cold outside and the fire is one. What best for the family skincare than these great sized containers of festive creams from Avon Care. At this time of year our skin gets very dry and itchy. With all the different temperatures, going from a warm cosy house to the bitterly cold, low humidity levels inside and out draw the moisture from your skin, leaving it dry, flaky and vulnerable. The cold, dry windy weather is one culprit for causing dry skin, but long-term use of central heating also causes dry air and dry skin during the wintertime.

I always have a bottle of the Avon Care Lotion in our bathroom for the family to use but this time I added the tub of family cream and a tube of hand cream, which I keep in my bag. Great for keeping the familys' skin soft and healthy this winter. 

The oats offer natural exfoliation that is gentle and perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Chamomile is known for its soothing, calming properties. Perfect for keeping skin healthy and soft this winter. Plus I love the festive packaging!

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